domingo, noviembre 13, 2011

Bad times, sorry.

I am laughing. Have you ever compare Superman and Odysseus?
Superman was born in a planet called Krypton. He had a scientific father who sent him to the Earth when their planet was going to be destroyed. Here, a couple of farmers took care of him and taught him a strict behavior. With his superpowers, he tried to help mankind. Superman was created in 1938 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster and his first adventure was published in Action Comics.
Ulysses or Odysseus was the legendary Greek king of Ithaca, husband of Penelope and father of Telemachus. He was known by the epithet of “the Cunning” due to his intelligence. He fought, together with Achilles and other heros, in the Trojan War, being victorious thanks to the Trojan Horse trick. Afterwards, he spent ten years to return home having very many adventures.
Yes, supermen have always existed. But…also today??!!!!... Bad times, sorry.

miércoles, noviembre 02, 2011

Giving it up!

It’s really difficult then I will give it up tomorrow and, today, I will smoke these lovely cigars I show you in the photo. They are from Nigeria, Honduras and Nicaragua. To complete the Madrid Vice, I have a bottle of Passport Scotch Whisky that, I promise, I will be able to drink or, I promise too, I will stop writing books. Anyway, don’t worry about my doubts or my health (I know none is).
Be happy with your children and smile and drink some non spirits drinks and take care of your health.

martes, noviembre 01, 2011

I am going to give up smoking

Of course, I am not thinking of it and I don’t feel like it but it was funny for me to use that title in this no ending and nonsense post. Time ago I haven’t published anything in this blog and that’s the reason why someone may be interested in this case (of course, I know nobody will be interested in):
1.- I keep on smoking and drinking because I believe in the Latin phrase In Medio Virtus.
2.- I am looking for an agent in somewhere outside Spain… my beloved Spain is, right now, not so beloved.
3.- I am not going to vote in the next elections because I want both candidates loose (then I think I won’t feel happy by this cause).
4.- I know the title of my next book but I won’t divulge it right now because it will be a best-seller.
5.- They must invent a new category for writers like me: worst-sellers.
I am not brilliant right now because I get hangover.

Voy a dejar de fumar

Por supuesto, ni pienso ni quiero ni me apetece pero me ha parecido divertido para empezar un post que ni tiene sentido ni parecer ni fin. Hace tiempo que no escribo nada aquí así que quizá a alguien le interese (que sé que será a nadie, como casi siempre) información sobre mis últimos movimientos en pos del (nulo) interés público:
1.- Sigo fumando y bebiendo a partes iguales porque soy partidario del lema latino in medio virtus.
2.- Ando buscando agente en el extranjero porque España… mi querida España ya no es tan querida.
3.- No pienso votar en las próximas elecciones porque quiero que pierdan los dos (razón por la cual me llevaré un chasco seguro).
4.- Ya tengo el título de mi próximo libro pero como va a ser un best-seller no lo digo.
5.- Creo que para escritores como yo deberían inventar un nuevo criterio clasificatorio: los worst-sellers.
No estoy demasiado brillante porque tengo resaca.