domingo, febrero 26, 2012

Working the new language, discovering new frontiers

It’s always difficult to change your native language. I’ve been writing in Spanish my whole life, a life plenty of words, tobacco and whiskey of course… now I’m trying to do it in a different language I feel something between nostalgia and fear (it’s funny nostalgia it’s the same word both in Spanish and English). Spanish Book Market is off; I had to change my sight. Of course, I prefer Spanish; it will be always my language but… I am beginning to find something different and good in the new frontiers I am seeing now.
In Europe, we look at the United States and its people like something strange for us, like people that haven’t got anything to do with us. Yes, of course, they have their own manners and habits and a different culture… but in these recent times I have discovered that they are more similar to us than we could think first. We’ve seen them on movies thousands of times and we’ve seen them here like tourists with their peaked caps and their white faces… nothing similar to us. Or not? I’ve been speaking with many American people during last year and I could feel their proximity and how they want to know us too. They are not closed for us; they want to know about Europe and Spain… some of my new friends really admire our literature and our arts.
Well, my friends, I will continue investigating and writing. I don’t have anything more to do. I need to publish my new book far away from Spain. I will never forget it, but I think it will be a better way to improve my, in old times, falling career.
Like someone said before me… That’s all, folks!

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