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My new novel: Ten Masks of Evil

Well, I finally published my first novel in English, Ten Masks of Evil. I give you a brief description.
Milton Mills, evil in its purest, is the main character of these ten short stories. He is seductive, mysterious or histrionic actor: it depends on the time, place or sinner who wanted to convince. He is the guide for a trip to our most remote dreams and we will travel from Russia to Spain, from New York to Sad Bride, from the seventies to the first moment of Creation.
Ten Masks of Evil is a volume of short stories created to introduce readers in a new world which is growing as the book progresses. We can read the stories one at a time, but they are complementary and the main characters appear in more than one, under different disguises and situations.
The book is born of a game of cards between the reader and the author, who is asking about the true nature of fiction and reality. Each short story offers a different style: thriller, comedy, romantic tale, historical story or fantasy to complete a literary and experiential way. At he end, in the last story, it is Edgar Allan Poe, in the last moments of his life and the strange circumstances surrounding his death, who will confuse his own biography with those on which he wrote or knew, the same as it has happened to every author and reader, to every policeman or killer, to every person or imagination.
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