domingo, noviembre 13, 2011

Bad times, sorry.

I am laughing. Have you ever compare Superman and Odysseus?
Superman was born in a planet called Krypton. He had a scientific father who sent him to the Earth when their planet was going to be destroyed. Here, a couple of farmers took care of him and taught him a strict behavior. With his superpowers, he tried to help mankind. Superman was created in 1938 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster and his first adventure was published in Action Comics.
Ulysses or Odysseus was the legendary Greek king of Ithaca, husband of Penelope and father of Telemachus. He was known by the epithet of “the Cunning” due to his intelligence. He fought, together with Achilles and other heros, in the Trojan War, being victorious thanks to the Trojan Horse trick. Afterwards, he spent ten years to return home having very many adventures.
Yes, supermen have always existed. But…also today??!!!!... Bad times, sorry.

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