martes, noviembre 01, 2011

I am going to give up smoking

Of course, I am not thinking of it and I don’t feel like it but it was funny for me to use that title in this no ending and nonsense post. Time ago I haven’t published anything in this blog and that’s the reason why someone may be interested in this case (of course, I know nobody will be interested in):
1.- I keep on smoking and drinking because I believe in the Latin phrase In Medio Virtus.
2.- I am looking for an agent in somewhere outside Spain… my beloved Spain is, right now, not so beloved.
3.- I am not going to vote in the next elections because I want both candidates loose (then I think I won’t feel happy by this cause).
4.- I know the title of my next book but I won’t divulge it right now because it will be a best-seller.
5.- They must invent a new category for writers like me: worst-sellers.
I am not brilliant right now because I get hangover.

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