domingo, diciembre 11, 2011

Money, money, money

Money, dirty money
Must I say the famous phrase ‘I said it before’? Barcelona won again but there’s another issue that I want to share with all the audience (I know ‘all the audience’ means a lost man with a coconut and an empty bottle of whiskey): I won money! I am proud to announce I’ve never worked for money, the only money I won came from the aristocratic manner of betting. Anyway, because I am as poor as the sailor’s rat, I just could bet 10€, but I won 210. Don’t you think it’s funny? I was right with the result and… I won! I know this is not the wiser text you will ever read, but it is the best text I can write today because I am very happy for this matter. Maybe I can write tomorrow about Schopenhauer or another ugly philosopher but, today, I am planning my future as a professional and successfully gambler. Do you really think I can do? Maybe I must continue writing books, maybe not, but next weekend I will bet again. As Mr Paul Newman said, the flavor of the money that you win gambling it’s very better than the saved. Wise man, nice movie.
I must study now. Possibilities, players and numbers, my new future as a rich man begins now.
P.S: Of course, all of this is a joke, I am going to write right now, not so excited, not so funny, not so sweet… what a shiii…!

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