sábado, diciembre 10, 2011

Spanish Football League

Since I changed the template in this blog I’ve been detecting that the advertisements are laughing of me: need help with alcohol? Of course not, I used to answer, I can drink the whole bottle, I am a Spanish gentleman! Anyway, today is a great day, another match between Madrid and Barça is coming up (see, Isabel, I`m even using phrasal verbs, like a real big boy!). I will say what I am thinking about: Barcelona is going to win again. You may argue that I am a Barça fan and the tobacco blocks my brain, but I have a most powerful reason to think that: if Real Madrid wins, league is over. Will the bosses of the league allow this? I don’t think so but as the Spartans said: this is Spain. Good luck for all and thanks for read these words from this stupid novelist. See you later (if you think I will come back with a terrible hangover you are true, please forgive me, god!). Bye.

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