martes, diciembre 13, 2011

Socialism vs. Alcoholism

There’s a monster even more dangerous than Lorena Bobbit with a pair of scissors: an angry Spanish socialist. In fact, I hate politics: promises and promises and, after all the promises, just smoke (and they continue saying “Smoke Kills” and other slogans when they must say, darkness there and nothing more, just “Please, don’t vote us, we are going to stole you”). The other day I was speaking with one of them and (if you don’t know I will tell you right now: my wife is a teacher) he said, no doubts about it:

‘All teachers are lazy, they must be fired’
Well, you know, I used to be well mannered (and I was) because, otherwise, I had to practice the medieval ages with his skull. But it didn’t matter at all, it was just eleven o’clock and I had still four hours to get drunk.
‘And you”, continued the pseudo-stupid-monkey-bananas-sallower, ‘what are you doing with your life? Do you work in anything? Nah, just drink!’
Be calmed, Martin, be calmed.
‘If I was the president, I will jail you for the rest of your days’
Well, I know that writing books is not the arduous work in the Hearth, but maybe a novelist can be treated like a person just for one second (just maybe).
'... or even better, I would hang you!'
Of course, I always have the correct answer for this kind of people:
'Another whiskey, barmaid!
The moral of this stupid story… I don’t know, maybe if I was a muscle ex-boxer with some head problem this guy wasn’t begin his dialectical fight (and again, just maybe), but I don’t think so. I wish the best for him, but I don’t think he is still alive with this type of manners, or maybe he is, I don’t know… the only thing I really know is that I came home drunk and happy… and maybe he came home and looked at the mirror and, inside, he found the Poe’s words: darkness there and nothing more.

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